Sleuth play actors and actress-akin Theatre-Ankra/ Turkey
Sleuth play actors and actress-Akun Theatre-Ankara/ Turkey


I had a chance to watch a comedy-drama at the theatre in my city and it was fun. The play name is Sleuth, but the play called “Kapan” inTurkish. The play is written by Anthony Shaffer and the play has some award such as the Tony Award, the Drama Desk Award. The play is transletted in Turkish by Goksel Kortay. It is directed by Gokhan Kocaoglu. Nusret Senay and Cuneyt Mete have performed pretty good. The play is performed at Akun Theatre in Ankara-Turkey. The theatre space is quite small but the acoustics are pretty good as we were able to hear everything really well.

I want to explain about the play plot in shortly . In this play, Pratogonist characters is Andrew Wyke and antogonist  character is Milo Tindle. Sleuth is played in two acts, At the firs act, the play is started in the mystery writer Andrew’s house and the writer working on his play. He is a middle-aged man, he wears a casual süit. The doorbel rings because Andrew invites Milo Tindle for discussing about the stuation. Hence, Milo wants to marry with Andrew’s wife. Andrew humiliates him for short of Money. Andrew says that he wanted to help to Milo about financial issue because, Milo is a young travel agent and he is not getting more income. But, Andrew’s wife loves to luxury life. Andrew does not love his wife, and wants to divorse from her, also he has a mistress. Andrew suggest that Milo rob the some valuable jewellery because the jevellery has insurance and insurance would be giving cash Money. Before, Milo feels  doubful for the offer. But Andrew insists about the plan because in this way, Milo can support Andrew’s wife, Andrew will never have to encounter with his wife. Also no one will lose anything. According to plan Milo should wear a costume and he wears a clown costume, and mask. In a while, Andrew holds to Milo a gun because it is little game, but in reality, Andrew hates Milo, and Andrew shoots Milo.

After several days, Milo cames in inspector costume Andrew’s house, he behaves like an inspector and belames him with murder the mistress, but Andrew does not recognise  him and Andrew is afraid of the charge. Also, a few man look like policeman and they come home with their gun, but they are Milo’s friends and they are acting as policeman. The inspector reveals that the inspector is really Milo and takes off his costume and wig. In the end, Two women come on the stage, one of them Andrew’s wife and the other is Andrew’s mistress. They shoot to Andrew and Milo in the meanwhile the stage is closed.Therefore, the audience did not know who died and mystery was continued.

Sleuth play’s Conflict is Andrew and Milo, they are versus each other and Andrew had conflicting feelings to his wife.  The play theme is game playing of a writer, game playing has a most importand role because it includes deception.

First Character, Andrew Wyke is an mystery writer, he loves intellectual games. Second characters Milo Tindle is a kind and wealthless man. Andrew’s wife loves luxury life. Another characters are Andrew’s mistress, a few policeman and fake inspector.

In conclusion, the play portrays a classic detective story where the two protagonists are seeking revenge on each other. One observation I had was that the original script had a different ending than the Turkish translated play that I watched. In the original English script, the play ends with Milo’s death and the arrival of the police whereas in the translated play we see the wife and the mistress arrive on scene with guns and it ends with gun shots. However, I very much enjoyed both endings. Even though, the ends are different, it is still worth watching.




Address for AKUN THEATRE: Remzi Oğuz Arık Mah/ Atatürk Bulvarı( Ataturk Street)- No:227/ ANKARA-TURKEY

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I have recently watched a wonderful movie directed by James Brooks, called Spanglish. Yes, I might be the only person who has not seen this (I believe it is an early 2000s movie) movie but I loved it so much I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys.

The film is a romantic-comedy similar to a classic sitcom. I am a huge fan of comedies and this movie made me laugh a lot. The characters and the choice of actors are very well picked. Famous faces such as Adam Sandler, Paz Vega and Tea Leoni deliver cultural messages with great humour. Throughout the movie I felt sympathy for the characters. Especially character playing the immigrant mother evoked some deep feelings that you don’t often see in a comedy. The message of cultural tolerance was delivered in a way that still kept the movie funny which was impressive.

The films plot is about an immigrated poor single mother Flor and her daughter, from Mexico. It portrays their journey to a better life in America and the struggles they face. The mother has a language barrier, she does not know how to speak English very well. The film narrated by Flor’s daughter Christina. Flor gets a job by a wealthy American family as a maid/nanny because she wants to keep her daughter from suburbs and wants to better life for her daughter. 

I appreciated the fact that American people are not portrayed as arrogant and negative in order to deliver a message in this movie as it is often done in others. They managed to show discrimination and cultural conflict in such a way that is impactful yet not gloom which is difficult.

The Spanglish film show us that the life is hard everyone but if we look at bright side, we can bear the lives difficulties. I loved the fact that the single immigrant mother is full of hope and she is struggling with the daily life for her daughter’s future. We learn that from the film, where there is life there is hope. 

If you haven’t already seen this movie I highly recommend it as I think Spanglish is the perfect romantic comedy-drama. I love finding movies that has a message and is uplifting for those times when you are feeling a little down and blue. The film shows us that we should look optimistic to each other and we can learn different culture for living peace. It is absolutely worthy of watch.

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  Hello everyone! Recently, I have read Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike play, also I watched the play on the internet. Why I have prefered this play, because I love comedy and it has an interesting title, the play is about a family relations. It was written by Christopher Durang. The play was the best play in 2013 therefore, it won the Tony Award.  The play was humourously comedy and it was perfectly reflecting of the family inner-world and annoying encounter of middle age.

Also, there was allagory in the play. The film was wanderful and it has an emotional side, it reflected family life and we understood that from this film, there is no family is perfect, every family has some secret and weekeness. But still, family come to first. The play’s plot that there are three sibling and their names are Vanya, Sonia and Masha. Sonya and Vanya look after their agening parent but their parent passed away. Older sister Masha has great life because she was a film star and she was a celebrate person. She wants to visit her sister and brother therefore she came to family home with a younger man.  

At the end of the play, three siblings faced their fears and they spoke and listened each other first time after the years. They were aware of that they could find the love also, they have been missing each other.

In conclusion, this endearing play consistently amuses with an intelligence and Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike may sound like one of the referenced plays by Antony Chekhov than a topically modern time comedy. I loved this play because Vanya, Sonnia, Masha and Spike are pretty good funny treat from start to finish. They have lovely costumes and lighting is good. If you like comedy, you watch it.



         If you want to watch a classical film, you can choose ” Doubt film”. The film was marvellous. The film has a parable, I chosed this play because, it’s writer is John Patrick Shanley, he is an American screenwriter, playwriter and I watched a documantary about John Shanley, last week on the internet. It was enteresting biography, he was a writer and  he directed the film. P. Shanley was born in New York and he was  an Irish immigrant child, he studied at the New York university and then he dropped out of school. He worked as bartender and house painter.  However he came back school and he graduated as valedictorian. He wrote many plays and poet. He became succses after some screewriting and he continued writing plays. I have read The Doubt play and I watched ‘The Doubt’ film, it was amazing and full of suprisingly. The film won Pulitzer Prize.

 Doubt film’s plot shortly that one of the main characters was working in a Catholic Church school and  his name was Father Flynn (Philip S. Hoffman ). He looked after an African-American boy which was a student in the school. But Flynn was misunderstood by the Catholic School Principle Alaysious (Merly Streep) and young sister James (Amy Adams). They thought that Flynn and the boy might have had a homosexual relationship between them. Flynn was suspected with paedophilia, but there was no evidence. Flynn has denied it. But Flynn was gone. After his gone, the sister James and the principle looked back, they expressed regret over the case what had done. Therefore, the principle said that I have some doubts about Flynn. 

The film characters are wonderful and the light, costumes are perfect. If you like drama, Doubt film is worty of praise because, the film was amazinly wonderful. The film has some allegory, faith, irony and also we are seeing that the play theme is simple and doubt, friendship, confident ranging from religion to science. Conflict is between Catholict Church, Principle and Father Flynn. Also, we see that there is a tension between Father Flynn and Principle from the beginning to the end. Emotional pondering of the film never sperate from emotional contex but it asks audiences to think and makes a judgement.

In conclision, the film main idea that every body has some doubt and weekness even though they could be a religious person. In additon Merly Streep and Hoffman performance are georgeous as usual. I am impressed the play’s ends because Alaysious (Merly Strep) regretted for her doubt therefore, she was sorrow and she keept her teardrop but she shed tears inside. The play’s ended with very emotional stage. Costumes are excellent and reftected the play’s time atmosphere.

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Hai Cenato Restaurant&Bar in London
Hai Cenato Restaurant&Bar in London.

Hi everyone!

We visited london about a cuple of month ago and we had a dinner in Hai Cenato restaurant&bar. Hai Cenato is a Newyork-Italian cooking restaurant and bar located in Victoria’s Nova coplex, London/ UK. Hai Cenato London takes 2 minutes from Victoria Station. Hai cenato translating as ” Have you had dinner?” in Italian. It was pretty good restaurant , the restaurant has a fun space and there are some black- and- white vintage shots on the wall. it has the floor-to-ceiling glas windows, counter seating. Also, it has an open kitchen ultra contemporary setting and nice ambiance. But it was a noisy place. They inspired by New York-Italian cusine, the menu includes pasta&risotto, sea food plates, grills, and sourdough pizzas.

View inside Hai Cenato Restaurant&Bar.

We ordered some sourdough pizzas, salad and drinks. The pizzas were topped mozzerella, tomato, hommede fennel sausage and prosciutto. I really loved the pizza, it was the mix of textures and sourdough-sausage combination was excellent tasty. Also sea foods were delicious, but on the other hand, considering the price was not the best in london, because it was a little expencive. However, service was average.

Pizza-Hai Cenato Restaurant.

There was a good variety of food and booze to choose. Also, I was glad to try a new place in London, we can go there again because the restaurant has outside terrace for the summer days.

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-Location Adress, Hai Cenato Restaurant&Bar: 2 Sir Simon Milton Square London SW1E 5DJ –


Art Gallery-Piccadilly / London

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A few months ago I visited London and there was Klimt / Schiele exhibition by the Royal Academy, so pleased I finally got to see the exhibition. Schiele and Klimt were abstracted with the fragility of life. Also, Schile painted on cheap packing paper and it is part of a “memento mori” series showing different stages of life. On the other hand, the exhibit was a bit small and lacking contexts. However, It was so worth a visit because we focused on the drawings of two contemporaneous artists and it was really informative. In addition, I want to share some biography and paintings photos about Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) and Egon Schiele (1890-1918).

Hope you enjoy it!


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Royal Academy of Gallery-Piccadilly-London/ U.K


View Uludağ Restaurant-Panora Oran / Ankara in Turkey.
Uludağ Restaurant- Panora Oran / Ankara in Turkey

When you think of Turkish food, you often think of meat dishes like Kebab and Doner. There are many kinds of Döner and if you want to try traditional Doner, you have to search for a good quality restaurant. I often go Panora Uludağ Restaurant because the restaurant has more experience to cook Döner. Also, you have more options to choose delicious dishes.

Moreover , the restaurant has a history because it established in 1956 on the Denizciler Street-Ankara-Turkey, that time it had four table and it was a little restaurant. After that the restaurant moved to another big place on the same street. The restaurant was popular in Ankara and it has opened new restaurants in Ankara and Istanbul-Turkey. For example, the restaurant has some branches such as Uludağ Restaurant- Oran Panora-Ankara ,Uludağ Restaurant Çay-yolu-Ankara, Uludağ Restaurant Gaziosmanpaşa-Ankara, Uludağ Restaurant-Istanbul-Turkey, and Uludağ- Restaurant Bursa-Turkey. The restaurant Chef cooks Doner, Kebab, Kind of meat and kofte, Handmade and traditional Cig Kofte, Desserts, Flatbread. Also, they have a kind of booze.

The restaurant is my favourite restaurant in Ankara -Turkey, whenever I craved for Doner I visit Uludag Panora Restaurant. They serve very delicious dishes and Waitress are greeting very respectfully and friendly. Also, the restaurant is clean and the foods are fresh.

Last weekend we visited the restaurant without booked and we were pleased because they had enough table. We started with a wonderful Uludag Doner. They literally have the best Doner, it was vert tasty meat and covered with boiling sizzling melted butter right in front of us and added special tomato sauce over the meat. Next course was Cig kofte, It is traditional food and it was perfectly good. 

The restaurant ambiance is wonderful and there is enough space you don’t feel crowd in there. Also the restaurant has lots of seating place with indoor and outdoor. 

I took some food photos for you, I hope you enjoy it!

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Plum Jam Photo by mommy cook for me.

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If you try making simple home-made Plum jam, you’ll never buy store-bought again! It is rich in fruit and perfect taste.

Plums also contain several vitamins and minerals they have bone protective effects, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin K, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium. Additionally, they are rich in antioxidants, which are helpful for protecting your cells, reducing inflammation and that helpful in regulating the digestive system. Because they also have a laxative effects.

Plums are particularly high in polyphenol antioxidants, which have positive effects on your bone health and may help reduce the risk of heart disease. You can consume fresh plums or prunes, plus you can prepare natural jam with plums for your family.

Enjoy it!


1kg fresh plums

4 cup granulated sugar

2 cups cold water

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Extra Chopped plum about 1/2 Cup ( 5-6 big size plums, halved and stones removed and chopped plums.)


1- Wash Plums and remove stalks.

2- Place the plums and the water in a large, deep pot.

3- Bring to boil and simmer until the plums have softened and then remove from the heat. Let it cool.

4- Strain the cooled plums with a colander,and smash it with a spoon or your hands, squeeze the plum pulp and skins gently into the your bowl with the juice and then remove its stone.

5- Place Strained plum juice in the pot again and add the sugar, stir every few minutes until the plum juice begins to thicken about 2 hour -on  low heat. Add the extra chopped plum, the lemon juice and make a test your jam. Drop a spoonful of jam on a plate and put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes, if it soft-set  you should remove the pot from the heat.

6- Allow the jam warm and place it sterile jars and let it cool to room temperature.

Plum Jam Photo by mommy cook for me
Plum Jam Photo by mommy cook for me.

Enjoy it! 🙂

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