Bake time: 15-25 minutes

Level: Easy

Serve: 8

I love this simple apple tart and if you want to make a very quick, delicious dessert, you can try it too. This apple tart is practically effortless and it is easy to make with my easy step by step recipe photos. Enjoy it!

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Bake tıme: 15-20 minutes

Level: Easy

Serve: Up to 20

Nobody will resist these delicious cookies. They are perfect for tea time or a special treat for your sweetheart or friends. Thise heart-shaped cookies that is a perfect way to say ” I Love You”. There is nothing better than homemade cookie and this homemade cookies smell amazing rich orange and they quickly will melt into your mouth. This is a quick and easy cookie dough perfect for your favorite cutout cookies. Enjoy it with a glass of milk, tea or coffee!

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Painted by Natalia Tan.


One day Nasreddin Hodja’s donkey was stolen. His neigbours and his friend heard about that. They came on front of Hodja’s house for meeting him. Nasreddin Hodja hoped to hear good words in this difficult situation. They begun to talk and they were blaming him.

His friend told-You should have locked the door of stable…

One of his neighbor told- Didn’t you hear even a clinking noise…?

Another neighbor – You probably didn’t tie the donkey well…

Nasreddin Hodja listened patiently for minutes and hours,  finally said, enough your critics, you all accused me by justifiying all guilt is because of me. Be fair a little please, was the thief guiltless?

Retold by Mommy cook for me.

Who was Nasreddın Hodja? He was born in Akşehır-Konya in Turkey around 1208. Nasreddin became known as Hodja, he appears of thousands of stories , sometime wise, sometime funny his adventures. His common sense and his humor have become true folk tales, told by children and adults.



Cook time= 15-20 minutes, plus 25-30 min.standing.

Level= Easy

Serve= up to 12

This red lentil kofte is very delicious and one of the most popular snack of Turkish cuisine. Red lentil kofte is a great party snack, appetizer or vegan starter idea. Red lentils have the most distinctive flavor and they are most easily cooked of all lentils. Enjoy it!

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I found some of my old sketches from when I first started painting and I wanted to share them with you all.Pencil sketching is a fun and relaxing hobby.I still like to sketch from time to time along side my paintings. I recommend anyone thinking of taking up a hobby to try drawing. It really is fun! Hope, you enjoy! image


DSC_8355 Cook time: 10-15 minutes

Level: Easy


Hi everyone! Today I want to share a different recipe that is a perfect winter desert. This is a famous traditional Turkish desert (Turkish name is Ayva tatlisi) & it is one of my favourite fruit desserts.This is quite easy to prepare and it is delicious to serve it with thick cream or ice cream. Even my daughter who is not a fan of raw quince loves this dessert. Hope you guys like it too!


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