This is a delicious healthy recipe that is rather different. I’ve been making this for years and it is a light delicious and rather different recipe. You can also make this without the meat as an alternative for vegetarians or if you are just not a fan of meat. Either way it is a lovely recipe for the cold nights at home when you want to have a light meal.  So here it goes…



Total time :1 hour

Level :Easy

Serve : 4


500 gr. green beans

300 gr. mutton

1 onion , chopped

1 tomato , chopped

4 tbs olive oil

1 tbs butter

1 tsp sea salt

1 tbs tomato paste

1 tsp pepper paste

4  cup water

1 cup broth of meat


Cut off both edges of the green beans and cut 2 or 3 pieces . Wash them and rinse, set aside .

Place the mutton with 2 tbs olive oil . Sauté it over a high heat until golden brown . pour 2 cup

water and boil it until tender , about 40 minutes on the medium heat , or ( 8 minutes for a pressure

cooker ) .

Put 2 tbs olive oil and 1 tbs butter in another deep pan , add the onion , sea salt and sauté it until

golden yellow  above the medium heat . Add  the cooked mutton  and  then add the tomato paste  and tomato .Stir them together  and

add the green beans   . Pour 2 cup water and 1 cup broth of meat .Simmer it

approximately 30 minutes  or ( 4 minutes pressure cooker ) .

Serve it with fried rice .

Bon appetite .






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