I absolutely love home made jam and this is my recipe for it. I’ve been making my own jam for years as I can’t get the same flavours from the shop bought ones. Also when you make your own jam you can adjust the sweetness to your liking so why not!  It is a little time consuming however the end results are delicious also it lasts for a long time. Also i like the fact that it is completely natural and doesn’t have any additives or preservatives in it. AND IT IS SO TASTY!

Total time: Cook time : 1 and half hour

Level : Medium

Serve ; More then 12


1 kg strawberry , leafy tops removed and washed , drain

4 cup sugar

1 cup water

1 tbs lemon juice


Place the strawberry and sugar in a large stew-pot ,  cover it

set aside about 2 hours or more . Then add 1 cup water and cook the strawberry to

a medium  heat until sugar has dissolved  for 5 minutes .Simmer it until strawberry juice

bubble up . Place a strainer above a large bowl  and  remove the strawberry  from the

strawberry juice with heatproof spatula . Put the strawberry  in the strainer . pour

the strained strawberry juice in the stew-pot from the bowl . Stirring frequently it

and simmer it until a bit thick . Test it , put a little jam in a small plate , let it cool and

if it is like thick soup , you put the strawberry in the stew-pot again , stir it for 5 minutes

and add lemon juice , stir for 5 minutes again , test it again , it is ticketing or not .

The jam is cooked  remove the stew-pot from the heat . Let it cool . Then

place the strawberry jam in a dry jar . You can use the same tecnuque for  making apricot jam or

plum jar also grape jar .

Bon appetite .










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