Total time : 40 minutes

Level : Easy

Serve : 6

This homemade chine fried rice with egg is easy and tasty .



2 cup jasmine rice

2  and 1/2 liter  water

1 tbsp , sea salt

1/2 cup corn , frozen

1/2 green peas , frozen

1/2  cup carrot , diced and boiled

1-2 tsp , soy sauce

3 tbsp , olive oil

1 egg and 1 tbsp butter


Bring to boil  a  deep sauce pan  over the medium – high heat and add the salt . Then add the rice and stir . Cook it  rare done . Simmer with a strainer  and transfer  to the sauce pan .

Add the carrot , green peas , corn , soy sauce  in  the sauce pan and fluff with a spoon   the rice  then  cover with a lid  . Meanwhile melt  1 tbsp butter and add the egg . Cook without stirring  , until the egg is firm . Slide the egg onto the rice  cut into small pieces  and mix  it with the  fried rice ,  then cover with the lid  again  and  cook  the mixed rice for 1 minute  over   a low heat . Remove the heat ,set aside for 6-8minutes .Before serving sprinkle chopped green fresh onion , it is optional .

Serve it chicken or meat .

Bon appetite !






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