Garden and Historic Building / 90X50-Canvas / Hand-Painted / Oil-Painting.



Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share something different with you all.

Besides spending time in kitchen and cooking yummy recipes, I also love painting.  For more than 10 years I have been painting oil- paintings in a work shop. I’ve attended several group exhibitions in my city and wanted to share some of my work. The painting above is inspired from Stowe school in Buckingham , England. It is an absolutely magnificent sight to see with amazing buildings and landscape gardens.

Below are also some of my other paintings which I hope you will enjoy!



Girl and Horse  / 60X40 -Canvas / Hand -Painted / Oil-Painting.


Puppy in the rain / 70X50- Canvas / Hand -Painted / Oil-Painting


Towers of Leandros  / 60X40 – Canvas / Hand- Painted / Oil-Painting.

Thank you for visiting my blog!


8 thoughts on “MY PAINTINGS

  1. wow!!!! your paintings are amazing!!!! you have raw amazing beautiful talent. and artistic abilities beyond. the colors are so attractive and beautiful!!! absolutely love them all!!! I wish i could draw and paint as well as you do!! wow!!!

  2. Genuine Poetry


  3. You are very talented producing beautiful paintings, especially your use of vibrant colors. Where do your ideas come from? From memory? From photographs? On location?

    • Thank you very much for very kind comment! 🙂 Some time, my old photograph albums are a rich source of ideas for my painting but some time I get inspiration from the world around me and I get my ideas from magazine pictures, anything that catches my eye and I think I have to paint it. 🙂

  4. I loved the Puppy In The Rain painting – you captured both puppies forlorn look so well – almost real!! poor pups caught in the rain 🙂

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