DSC05278                      Violet in copper vase –  90X40 Canvas , oil paint , Hand -painted .


Roses in the vase/ 60×40-Canvas / Hand-Painted /Oil-Painting


Daisy in the vase  / 50X40 -Canvas / Hand-painted / Oil- painting


People in the garden / 62X40-Canvas / Oil- Painting / Hand -painted


Workers in the Rice paddy  / 62X40- Canvas / Oil- painting /  Hand -painted .


3 thoughts on “MY PAINTINGS

  1. I adore your paintings, particularly the one with white flowers. You have captured the translucent glow so well. I notice you paint in oils. I paint in water colours, my favourite media, and oils, but only from photographs, I am not as professional as you.

  2. I wishing you all the best. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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