Total time :  1 and half hour

Level : Easy

Serve : 12 more

Pickled cabbage is   simply and natural  , delicious . Step by step introductions  for pickling from mommy cook for me .



6-7 kg. cabbage

1  cup vinegar

1  cup sea salt or pickling salt -not table salt

3  liter water

8-10 cloves garlic , peeled

1 tbsp red flakes

1/2 bunch dill ,  or parsley , if desire


Put the sea salt in the boiled water and stir , let cool and set aside .

Bring to boil water in a big ,deep sauce pan over a high heat . Add the cabbage leaves  and steam just  tender  then transfer  into cold  water and  simmer with a slotted spoon .

Place the  boiled , cold  leaves , the garlic and red pepper flakes in a big, clean jar . Pour the vinegar and the brined water.Make to sure the cabbage is completely covered , seal and place in a cool room temperature . It is the best to leave the picked  cabbage for about  4- 6 weeks  .

Check the jar every week  to ensure that the cabbage remaining in the brine and check taste , if it is reduced salt , brined water add 1 tbsp sea salt and brined water  .  After  4  or 6 weeks deciding , it is done , serve it .

Bon appetite !

DSC05089 DSC05113 DSC05101 DSC05128 DSC05091 DSC05092 DSC05094 DSC05107 DSC05131 DSC05132


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