Cook time : 50-60 minutes

Level : Easy

Serve : 6

There are so many great beans , I use white beans  for this recipe .  This rich – tasting white bean  recipe  is  easy , nutritions  . Dried beans are healthy and economical .

Dried beans supply protein, fiber ,complex carbohydrate , essential vitamin C ,vitamin A , vitamin B and folic acid , minerals . Beans provide 2 percent of the daily value for vitamin C , vitamin C helps your body repair . They are low in fat and sodium and contain no cholesterol.


3 cup white kidney beans, ( Soaked overnight .Boiled plenty  of water , cooked-  aldante , drained.)

300-400 gr. beef with to bony  ( or , mutton , or another meat )

1 medium onion , diced

1 tbsp tomato paste

1 tbsp butter

2 tbsp olive oil

2 fresh green pepper , chopped

5 cup hot  water

1 cup broth , if desire


Put a large saucepan  over medium- high heat and add   the olive oil , beef  . Sauté them , turning to brown ,add 1 cup water and cook until beefs liquid is reduced  and tender .

Then add the butter and onion , fresh green pepper , keep stirring until changed  the onion color.  Put the tomato paste , red pepper flakes , stir them and add the boiled beans , the boiled water  .

Cover the saucepan and reduce the heat and simmer until beans are very tender and sauce a little thick ,about  45-50 minutes .  Remove from the heat  and serve with fried rice .

Bon appetite!






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