Cook time : 30

Level : Easy

Serve : 8

Making homemade Meatball with bulgur soup  is  very  tasty , easier than you think .This delicious Meatball with bulgur soup is very healthy for mental and body .

Bulgur contains vitamin B1, B2 , B6 , E and Niacin , Folic acid , Calcium , Zinc , Copper , Iron . Bulgur is also a low glycemic index food .


250 gr. ground beef

1 cup fine grind  bulgur ( or rice )

1 big yellow  onion , finely chopped

1 egg

1 tbsp all-purpose flour

1 tbsp parsley , finely chopped

2 tsp dried mint

2 tsp red pepper flakes

1/4 tsp black pepper , ground

1 tbsp butter

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp tomato paste

1tbsp water

10 cup hot water

1 cup boiled chickpeas , if desire


Place the fine bulgur , 1/2  finely chopped onion, ground beef , 1 tsp red pepper flakes , 1/4 tsp black pepper , finely chopped parsley ,sea salt to taste , 1 tbsp water ,1 tsp mint  into a big bowl .

Knead into a dough with your hands for 5 minutes ( you can need to wet your hands with the water in the bowl as you mix ) then , add the egg ,1 tbsp flour. Knead again about 6-8 minutes . (Make 1-2 meatball and put  the water in a little bowl and check , it is dissolved or not , if it is dissolved , knead more . )

Make little meatballs  by rolling small bits of the mixture between your palms and its size can be a hazelnut , arrange the meatballs on a flat plate , set aside until ready to use .


Heat  the olive oil and butter  in a wide saucepan over medium heat , add remain finely chopped onion , cook , stirring occasionally  , until the onion have softened and golden yellow , about 3-4 minutes . Add the 1 tbsp tomato paste , 1 tsp red pepper flakes and combine them .

Pour the hot water onto the cooked onions , simmer for 5 minutes  and then Transfer the meatballs in boiling sauce  . Reduce the heat from the medium  to low and  simmer . Cook  ,until the meatballs  float , about 30 minutes .

Remove from the heat and sprinkle1 tsp dried mint .Then serve warm with lemon slices .

Bon appetite!



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