Oxford Castle – Oxford -UK

Hello everyone ! I wanted to do something different and share some pictures I took. I’m here in Oxford (UK) visiting my daughter and as I love this city I wanted to share it with you all! hope you enjoy !

Here’s a little info about the city:

Oxford is the fastest growing cities and  as you might guess the weather is quite rainy in the winter. So you might want to bring your umbrella if you plan a visit here!

It is quite different to some other cities as I find Oxford rather cosy and cute. It is also absolutely stunning with so much to see.

There are lots of beautiful historical buildings (too much to even mention them all) but of of my favorite is the Oxford Castle. There was a prison built within the castle , which  continued to be in use until 1996!(crazy!) you can and now go on a tour of the castle/prison. As of 2005 , Oxford Castle now has a lovely Hotel called the Malmaison (great rooms, not so great food!) and restaurant complex. Which is weird to think since it was a prison in up until 1996!

Oxford is a university city as you might know and it really gets cheerful and busy with university students in the term time. There are many nice restaurants to go one of my favorites is a place called Quod. It’s a restaurant in another hotel but their food is delicious!

And for dessert I love the Grand Cafe which I believe is in the “site of the first coffee house in England”! I highly recommend the black current and lavender cheesecake, yum so delicious!

Even though the weather is not the best the mood is so cosy and happy around here. I love it!


Beside street of Oxford Castle. (New Road)Image


This where the old prison was.


The Oxford Castle now the Malmaison Hotel- On the side there are some nice restaurants (Prezzo, The Living Room)


3 thoughts on “TRAVEL PHOTOS: OXFORD, UK

  1. Lovely! Oxford is such a beautiful place, so much history. Did you know the Malmaison hotel was originally a jail?

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