image Illustrated by Natalia Tan.        


                                      -TEMEL AND HIS WIFE –

Temel’s wife is pregnant and in the middle of the night she feels like eating yogurt. She wakes Temel up and asks him to fetch some yogurt and he says okey.

Temel goes to the kitchen and opens to the fridges door but there is a little yogurt in yogurt bowl in the fridge. He took some milk in the fridge and boiled it. He carefully arranged the one spoon yogurt and the boiled milk on the tray and brought it upstairs for his wife.

His wife is surprised and asks; What’s that Temel ? I wanted yogurt. You have brought milk and the yogurt but the yogurt isn’t enough for me.

Temel answers the question; First drink the milk, then eat the yogurt. It will become yogurt in your stomach.

– Note; The characters that symbolize the Black Sea people, such as Temel and his wife Fadime but they are fictional character and they are always smart and ingenious but sometimes their joke surprises everybody.

Retold by mommy cook for me.


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  1. I liked how it ended. Good story! Lovely illustration.

  2. P.S. That’s “Daddy Cook For Me” : )

  3. lifestyletalks says:

    How Original!

  4. Janice Wald says:

    You must have a lot of followers. Mommy Cook For Me!–That’s funny and brings back memories of when my children were young. They are in college now.
    Thanks for your visit to my site Reflections. I’m glad you liked my interview. Blogging and being a “Mommy”–how do you find time to sleep? Nice to meet you.

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