TEMEL AND THE SECRET AGENT DUTY

        The government examines the secret agent candidates, they will be appointed with a highly important assignment. Finally, the candidates having been successful at the first stages of the exam they are given the ” keeping secrets” test. Each one of they is given a secret and they are subjected to highly torture for its being understood whether they will reveal the secrets.

         Most of the candidates gave away the secrets for an hour. But, whatever the government officers do Temel  doesn’t reveal the secret and he hasn’t betrayed the secret despite horrible tortures. They belived, he was suitable for the mission.

          Now, there is one last step; they want to detect whether he talks in his sleep.Therefore, they set up a secret camera in his bedroom and begin watching him. As soon as Temel returned from the government officers to his bedroom and locked the room door then he started to hit his head on the room walls , muttering to himself, ” Remember it… Remember it… You have been being tortured in vain , Remember it…

                Retold by mommy cook for me.


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  1. Arrgghh! Clearly, being forgetful has its advantages and its drawbacks!! : )

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