Prepare time: 15 minutes

Level: Easy

Serve: 6

Homemade Lemon Sorbet is simple and so easy to make for these hot days. Lovely Lemon Sorbet is refreshing dessert and making homemade sorbet is easier than you think! Hope you enjoy!


1 Cup sugar

1 and 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice ( use 4-5 lemon)

1 cup and 3/4 cup water

1 tbsp lemon zest


1- Place the water and the sugar in a medium saucepan over the medium heat. Stir until the mixture comes to boil and sugar has dissolved  Then set aside it, let it cool completely.

2-Add the lemon juice and lemon zest, let it cool, then chill in the fridge for 15 minutes.

3- Put it an ice cream maker and run the machine until the sorbet has reached consistency, it takes about 1 hour and serve or transfer to the fridge for 15 minutes before serving, then serve it.

Enjoy it!

Before assemble the lemon sorbet ingredients; Lemon, sugar and water.

imagePlace the sugar and water in a medium sauce pan and boil it over the medium heat.


Add the lemon juice and let it cool.

imagePut the cooled lemon juice in your ice cream machine and run the machine. imageimage



  1. And I thought sorbet was difficult to make…I must say your sorbet looks so good! Great colour as well!

  2. Looks delicious! I love lemon sorbet!

  3. this looks so zingy and refreshing!

  4. I love sorbet, this looks delish

  5. Must go buy an ice cream maker! Looks so refreshing and u love all things lemon! I keep Frozen Lemon juice ice cubes in freezer at all times.

  6. Oh Boy mouthwatering and the colour is superb!

  7. Lovely, even if it’s winter here. 🙂 Just a query – you boil sugar and water and let it cool, then zest and juice and let it cool. Do you mean add juice to water while boiling, then let it all cool?

  8. This makes me really want to get an ice cream maker. My husband has cancer and lemon sorbet would be wonderful for him! Thank you for sharing your recipe!

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