Hi everyone!

I recently visited the Turkish city of Konya when I was on a road trip. We couldn’t resist but stop off to eat the famous flatbread. Konya is a city in central anatolia in Turkey. Flatbread with meat(Etli Ekmek) is Konya city’s traditional food and recently we discovered the best baking flatbread with meat(Etli Ekmek) restaurant in Konya. (Etli Ekmek means bread with meat).

The restaurant was a small shop with stone oven,we ordered one Etli ekmek for 2 person, the team worked in a quick rhytm and we had our Flatbread with meat(Etli ekmek) within two minutes, it is about 1,5 metres long. The base was thinner than pide but the topping wasn’t spicy like Lahmacun. Etli ekmek was light with a crispy bottom crust, and the filling was very generous but it wasn’t oily.Konya Etli ekmek was amazing , the secret of the Etli Ekmek was baking in the traditional stone oven.
Great flatbread with meat and quick service are a crowd-pleaser for lokal families with a desire for a reasonably-priced meal out.There was also variety kebabs in the shop. We are now looking forward to traying again Etli Ekmek.This meal is cheap and great for lunch, it just over 6 dollars for Etli Ekmek, salad, still water and Coca-Cola.



This restaurant address ,location.

Havzan Restorant. Telgrafa Hamdi Bey street. No:8/A .Selcuklu Merkez.



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  1. andy1076 says:

    oooo I love flatbread 🙂

  2. anisakazemi says:

    Wow! Check that out!!

  3. Joseph Nebus says:

    Well, that looks great.

  4. Wow… 1.5m… That’s a long serving dish! 🙂 ♥ ❤

  5. That is an amazing and delightful picture! I never saw a meal that long!! And all prepared in two minutes… I don’t think I could make a sandwich that fast! Thanks for including the name of the restaurant. Now all I have to do is get there. Well, I’d better start walking… : )

    P.S. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year!! : )

    1. Happy New Year and Best Wishes! 🙂

  6. Eddy Winko says:

    I could just eat that now, the whole lot, just for me 🙂

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