Hello everyone! I visited my daughter in London last month. My daughter and l decided to join L’atalier des Chefs Macaron making class. I am so fond of macaroons because French macaroons are colorful,sweet bites of happines.

We joined L’atelier des Chefs macaroons making class which was a lovely, friendly, little cooking  class in  St.Poul’s in London. We enjoined so much and we made macoroons then we shared them between baking class friends. They were very cute and delicious.

There are two methods of making macaroons. French meringue and Italian meringue method. Our Chief prefer using French meringue method because it gives softer and lighter shall texture or maybe because our Chief had more success with French method than Italian.

If you want to make perfect macaroons you need proper tools to achieve that.You’ll need:.

-Piping bag, big size.Piping nozzle, 1cm plain round tip.

-Non.stick baking paper. Good baking tray help to make the macaroons rises better and give you perfect uniformed macaroons frilly.

-Sieve, Spatula, Hand mixer or Stand mixer, Scale.

Here is the our Chief recipe. (This is a macaroon shell and ganaje recipe from L’atelier des Chief.)


1-Icing sugar: 350gr.

2-Ground almonds:250gr.

3-Egg white:215gr.

4-Caster sugar:150gr.

5-Red powder food colouring: a pinch

-For the filling:  -Unsalted butter: 250gr.

-Icing sugar: 15gr.

-Fresh raspberries: 20gr.

-Vanilla 1tsp.

-For the macaroons-

Preheat the oven to 155 C.

*Pass the almonds and icing sugar through a medium sieve to remove any lumps.

*Whisk the egg whites with 150g of caster sugar. Whisk until you have a semi-stiff and glossy meringue.

*Stir in one third of the dry ingredients. Once incorporated, repeat with the second third and then the final third. Add the food colouring and work the mixture with a spatula until it is smooth, shiny and a dropping consistency.

*Fill a piping bag with the macaroon mix and pipe the macaroons onto a lined baking tray. Tap the tray on your work surface to smooth out the tops and remove any large air bubbles. Leave the macaroons to dry for 15minutes at room temperature. They are ready to cook when the surface is touch-dry. Transfer to the the oven and bake for 10-12minutes.Remove from the oven and leave to cool for 10 minutes.

*The macaroons are cooked when the top is firm. Remove from the oven and leave to cool for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, lift the macaroons from the baking parchment and turn them over. Allow to cool thoroughly before filling.

To Make The Rasberry Buttercream:

*Soften the butter. Cream the butter with the icing sugar and the vanilla seeds. Slice the raspberries in half.

To Serve: Fill half of the macaroon shells with the buttercream, add half a raspberry and then top with a second macaroon shell.

Chef’s Tip:

*This recipe works well with lots of other fruits… strawberries, blackberries and more!*

Enjoy it!


L’atalier des Chefs baking class in St.Paul’s in London.






1-  L’atalier des Chefs address: L’atelier des Chefs St Paul’s 10 Fosterlane. EC2v 6HR .LONDON/ UK.

2-  19 Wigmore street, W1U 1PH. LONDON/ UK.



10 thoughts on “-MACAROON-

  1. Sounds like a perfect Valentine cookie!

  2. Looks like fun! I want to make some.. Thinking of recipe ideas now!

  3. Not only sounds like you had a fun there there, but you also had a chance to make a delicious dessert, too. All in all a delightful experience. :O)

  4. They looked great before they went in the oven, and they certainly looked great when they came out! Each time I visit your blog, I am reminded anew that cooking is an art, and that chefs and cooks like yourself are brilliant artists. Thanks for sharing. : )

  5. They look divine, don’t they? Maybe I’ll give your recipe a try, but I’ve got to tell you that people don’t seem to know how to make Macarons in Oz. All the ones I’ve had taste the same, no matter what the flavor is supposed to be. 🙂

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