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Hello everyone!

If you are planning to visit London and you have kids then absolutely bring them because  Natural history museum that is great place for you. Natural history museum free get in, the architec is awesome ; rooms and rooms full of replicas and interact with. Dinosaur exhibit is pretty good and the volcano, earth, bird exhibitions are very interesting . I was interested that is Darwin  section and some bird kinds which live in volcano area.

if you want to eat something there is a cafe in the museum and there is a gift shop indoor. The museum worthy seeing. Museum is located a short walk from the tube. I took some photos for you, I hope you enjoy as me!


DSC07681 (1)DSC07685 (1)DSC07689 (1)DSC07687 (1)DSC07699DSC07736DSC07743DSC07724DSC07730DSC07717DSC07719DSC07718DSC07720DSC07734




London Natural History Museum Address : Cromwell Road / SW75BD/ London/ UK.



  1. That’s quite the visit alright 🙂

  2. What a beautiful building. Thank you for sharing your photos. The mural of the prehistoric cavemen strolling along caught my attention. They looked so familiar– I think they may have been relatives of mine… : )

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