Hello everyone!

First of all I want to thanks to my daughter who shared her super healthy,tasty breakfast recipe with me. I tried the recipe , the recipe is absolutely wanderful and my favourite breakfast recipes of all time therefore I would like to share the recipe with you. If you want to start your day with  a healthy food and quick food,this recipe is absolutely tasty and worth it try.

Avocados grow in warm climates and avocados known as butter fruit with creamy texture.The only fruit that provides a substantial amount of healthy fatty acid. Avocados contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals that the body absolutely needs that vitamins, avocados are a good source omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin A,vitamin,vitaminB6,vitaminC,vitamin D, vitamin E. Fresh avocado contain lycopene and beta carotene whic is important antioxidants , antioxidants help reduce cell damage and skin, heart.

How to select and store Avacados; A ripe,ready to eat avocado is a little soft but should have no dark spots or cracks and a firm avocado will ripen in a kitchen towel or in a fruit basket at room temperature within a few days.The fruit ripen, the skin will turn darker. If you used a portion of ripe avocado you can make to store the remainder in the refrigerator with a sealed container.If you are refrigerating a whole avocado , it is best to keep it whole.


1 egg

1 avocado,peeled and diced

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

Some slices of bread

Black pepper ground and salt to taste


1- Smash the avocado by a fork, add the lemon juice and add salt and the black pepper to taste.

2- Fry the egg with the tea spoon of olive oil about 1 minute.

3- Toast some bread and place the avocado salad on the toasted bread then put the fried egg over them.

Enjoy it!




  1. Try adding feta and mint to your avocado mix.
    I highly recommend it!

  2. Yum certainly going to give this recipe a try.
    Nam’s additions sound great as well
    From Annie in Australia 🌞 🌴 🌊

  3. My husband and I love eating avocado and egg sandwiches with green chile and cheddar cheese. Yummy!

  4. One of my favorite fruits! Good to have in the morning!

  5. Mmmm… hungry for that, now! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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