In a busy city like London sometimes it’s hard to know what or where to eat. Last month when I was there my daughter recommended this lovely restaurant right behind Selfridges department store on Oxford Street. I definitely was not disappointed! Even though I am not too keen on Asian cuisine as my children wanted to go I decided to try it out. The location is very convenient tucked away on a side street along with many other restaurants. It is a great place to grab a quick bite after a busy day of shopping or sightseeing because of its central location.

The restaurant itself is quite small but nicely decorated. The staff were very friendly and the service was pretty quick which is great. The most important part is obviously the food. We ordered some sushi and a chicken salad along with some prawn tempura. The prawn was crispy and delicious but my favourite was definitely the chicken salad. It was super fresh and had a different mixture of vegetables and the chicken was freshly grilled (not cold). The presentation of the dishes were lovely.

The restaurant also has some seating outside and a nice overall atmosphere. Even if you don’t fancy eating it would still be a nice place to go and have a drink outside in the summer (their homemade ice tea was delicious!)

The price is a little on the expensive side however for the location i think it is reasonable. If you are in London and enjoy pan-asian food or simply want to try something new (like me) it is definitely worth going!

Restaurant address:

38-40 James St, London W1U 1EU

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  1. Nice images. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Wow it all looks so good. Hugs

  3. Definitely good to know! 😋😄

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