Serves 8 to 12

Level: medium

Preparing time: 1 hour

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share Traditional homemade Couscous with you because recently my Sister- in- law has sent me homemade Couscous, and Her mother had made it for me, therefore I cooked it and tested it for you it was extremely delicious. I want to say both of  them, so much thanks for making Turkish traditional homemade Couscous.

I know, making your own couscous gives you a difficult, but home made Turkish couscous super taste and it is very cheerfully process because of a sense of wonder at the magic of it all. I remembered when my mom was making our own couscous, how much fun it was and how astonishing the results and making couscous is an expression of love, generosity and hospitality. The process feels celebratory and communal. I want to share couscous making with you, I like to think that there are chefs across the country who are ‘rolling their own couscous ingredients’ –couscous, that is.

There are so many different couscous recipes, which vary from one country to another, but I would like to introduce traditional home made Turkish couscous which is making in Sivas region in Turkey. Sivas has a special place for Turkish Cuisine, with fresh foods unique to the City itself as well as to its districts and villages . In my country , Traditional Turkish couscous is made with hard wheat (Its called Bulgur). Turkish couscous hand-rolled tiny pasta pearls are about 2 mm in diameter and they are made out of a mixture of whole wheat(Bulgur) and eggs, all purpose flour, rolled around a center of bulgur which gives it a elegant that is slight yellow color and unique, special and delicious.

Eating Home-made Turkish Couscous with those tiny balls rolling wonderfully on your tongue, really lift up the eating experience, even a simple serve. It is also very easy to cook, Turkish Couscous unlike the other couscous which can turn mushy if soaked for too long or in too much liquid, Traditional Turkish Couscous can be boiled in salted water, like pasta, until tender.


When making couscous you’ll need , a sieve, a large pan, and of course, you will need some fine bulgur, eggs, salt, cold water, some all purpose flour.


1 Cup fine bulgur

1 Cup all purpose flour

4 eggs

1 cup cold water( approximately)

1 teaspoon sea salt



Sea salt to taste

1 table spoon melted butter and 1 Tablespoon olive oil .


1- Before, Put the eggs, salt and the water in a bowl and whisk them together until combined and set aside.

2- Spread the bulgur in a large, preferably round, deep tray and sprinkle a half scoop of mixed egg over the bulgur and sprinkle a spoon the flour, and at the same time rotate the palm and fingers of one hand in wide circles “in one directions only” to create tiny spheres. After four or five rotations, begin to sprinkle the eggs and the flour.

3- Sprinkle flour and about 2 cup the mixed eggs alternately on the tiny spheres while continuing to rotate. As the spheres absorb the flour and the mixed eggs they will turn into tiny couscous ‘beads’ more or less the same size.

4- You made the couscous after shake the couscous ‘beads’ through a wire or plastic strainer in order to standardize their size and then place in a sieve to shake again and remove excess flour.

5- Put plenty of water to boil in the deep stewpot and add the sea salt to taste, then add the freshly rolled couscous into the boiled water and boil about 10 minutes or until tender it.

6- Place in a finer sieve to shake and remove excess water and place the cooked couscous in a wide shallow serving dish and add the chopped vegetables in it, pour the the melted butter, olive oil. Let stand, covered for 10-15 minutes. Gently fluff the couscous, pile in and serve warm it with meat or fish.

Enjoy it!

Mix the vegetable and boiled couscous, add the butter and olive oil, serve it warm.

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  1. That’s gotta be the best couscous aesthetic I’ve ever seen

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