I had a chance to watch a comedy-drama at the theatre in my city and it was fun. The play name is Sleuth, but the play called “Kapan” inTurkish. The play is written by Anthony Shaffer and the play has some award such as the Tony Award, the Drama Desk Award. The play is transletted in Turkish by Goksel Kortay. It is directed by Gokhan Kocaoglu. Nusret Senay and Cuneyt Mete have performed pretty good. The play is performed at Akun Theatre in Ankara-Turkey. The theatre space is quite small but the acoustics are pretty good as we were able to hear everything really well.

I want to explain about the play plot in shortly . In this play, Pratogonist characters is Andrew Wyke and antogonist  character is Milo Tindle. Sleuth is played in two acts, At the firs act, the play is started in the mystery writer Andrew’s house and the writer working on his play. He is a middle-aged man, he wears a casual süit. The doorbel rings because Andrew invites Milo Tindle for discussing about the stuation. Hence, Milo wants to marry with Andrew’s wife. Andrew humiliates him for short of Money. Andrew says that he wanted to help to Milo about financial issue because, Milo is a young travel agent and he is not getting more income. But, Andrew’s wife loves to luxury life. Andrew does not love his wife, and wants to divorse from her, also he has a mistress. Andrew suggest that Milo rob the some valuable jewellery because the jevellery has insurance and insurance would be giving cash Money. Before, Milo feels  doubful for the offer. But Andrew insists about the plan because in this way, Milo can support Andrew’s wife, Andrew will never have to encounter with his wife. Also no one will lose anything. According to plan Milo should wear a costume and he wears a clown costume, and mask. In a while, Andrew holds to Milo a gun because it is little game, but in reality, Andrew hates Milo, and Andrew shoots Milo.

After several days, Milo cames in inspector costume Andrew’s house, he behaves like an inspector and belames him with murder the mistress, but Andrew does not recognise  him and Andrew is afraid of the charge. Also, a few man look like policeman and they come home with their gun, but they are Milo’s friends and they are acting as policeman. The inspector reveals that the inspector is really Milo and takes off his costume and wig. In the end, Two women come on the stage, one of them Andrew’s wife and the other is Andrew’s mistress. They shoot to Andrew and Milo in the meanwhile the stage is closed.Therefore, the audience did not know who died and mystery was continued.

Sleuth play’s Conflict is Andrew and Milo, they are versus each other and Andrew had conflicting feelings to his wife.  The play theme is game playing of a writer, game playing has a most importand role because it includes deception.

First Character, Andrew Wyke is an mystery writer, he loves intellectual games. Second characters Milo Tindle is a kind and wealthless man. Andrew’s wife loves luxury life. Another characters are Andrew’s mistress, a few policeman and fake inspector.

In conclusion, the play portrays a classic detective story where the two protagonists are seeking revenge on each other. One observation I had was that the original script had a different ending than the Turkish translated play that I watched. In the original English script, the play ends with Milo’s death and the arrival of the police whereas in the translated play we see the wife and the mistress arrive on scene with guns and it ends with gun shots. However, I very much enjoyed both endings. Even though, the ends are different, it is still worth watching.




Address for AKUN THEATRE: Remzi Oğuz Arık Mah/ Atatürk Bulvarı( Ataturk Street)- No:227/ ANKARA-TURKEY

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  1. kutukamus says:

    An interesting and daring alternative ending. I watched the 2007 release first. Then, after reading your article, gave the 1972 version a shot. Entertaining performances, indeed. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for your nice commenting and stopping by! 🙂

  2. Interesting about the different ending– seems like there would have been issues with copyright. Hmm… another mystery! I always enjoy your reviews– glad you weren’t hit by any stray bullets!! 😊

    1. Thank you very much for your very kind comment, I am trying my best. I was lucky that day, :). Have a great week!!

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