The Regent’s Park London-UK

Hello everyone!

A few months ago I visited the Taste of London Food festival with my daughter. I had never heard of this festival before but my daughter was given a couple of free tickets so we decided to go check it out. It is an annual event and this year the ticket prices started from £23 – the entrance fee covers a few things such as; access to the festival, the bite size food samples, drink samples, security staff. Everything else was optional and for a fee.

The festival took place in Regent’s Park,Marylebone, London in July and this festival was good for seeing different restaurants. There was a wide range of different cusines ranging from local to fine restaurants. You get to taste a lot of different flavors and some restaurants were even offering sample foods and drinks. Regent’s Park is transformed into a foodie wonderland and London’s best restaurants gather and they show off the hottest dishes their menus.

We watched live cooking demonstrations during our visit. There were many restaurants such as Chotto Matte, club Garso, Wild Kitchen, the Fire Pit, Hoppers, Mango tree etc. The festival was giving you plenty of oppurtunies to join in and sharpen your culinary skills. If you want to join cooking class, some food chefs provide free-to-attent demonstrations.

We decided to try out a cheese cake from a company called PleeseCakes for a little dessert and it was very tasty.

One thing I would say is that the dishes are quite expensive and small but you can try small food samples and enjoy the experience.

Finally, The taste of festival atmosphere is lovely and I was pleased to attend the taste food festival. But it gets very crowded and predominantly an “alcohol taste festival but it was worthy for a visit. I took some photos for you, I hope, you enjoy as much as me.

Taste Food Festival-Regent Park’s-London
Taste of Food Festival-Regent’s Park-Marylebone-London-UK.
Food festival-Regent’s Park-London
Food festival-Regent’s ParkLondon
Food Festival-Regent’s Park-London
Food Festival-Regent’s Park-London
Food Festival-Regent’s Park-London
Food Festival-Regent’s Park-London
Food Festival-Regent’s Park-London
Food Festival-Regent’s Park-London
Cheesecake (no-baked cheesecake): Pleesecakes (build your own cheesecakes)-Food Festival-Regent’s Park-London
Cheesecake(no-baked cheesecake): Pleesecakes- Food Festival-Regent’s Park-London

Thank you very much for stopping by! 🙂

Taste of Food festival address: Taste of London in Regent’s Park-Marylebone-London/ UK.

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  1. Sounds good, but I’d be willing to bet 60,000 lira that anything that YOU made would be much, much better… 👍🏆😊

    1. Thank you very much for your kind supports!! Have a great day!!

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