Hello everyone!

Last month, we decided to take a short trip and visit the lovely Malaga in Spain. I chose this destination in particular due to its popularity but also because I had never been to Spain before so I wanted to start off by somewhere that was highly recommended. For our trip we chose to stay at the Kempinski Hotel Bahia which again was very highly recommended. It was quite an easy journey from the airport to the hotel by taxi (around 60 minutes). The hotel is located infront of the Mediterranean Sea with views of African Coastline and beach. It is also located about five to ten minutes outside the town of Estepona, and fifteen-twenty minutes to Marbella by taxi which is convenient if you wish to explore different areas during your stay.

Our first stop in Malaga was Estepona. It is beautiful, old village where every street has a different flower color. You can see lots of lovely flowers hanged on the village wall. One street has pink flower hanging with the pots on the wall, the other has purple, red, yellow etc. It is a very cute scenic place and is worth a visit.

We also stopped off in Marbella. I have heard that it is one of the most popular beach destinations in Southern Spain before my visit and I understand now why as it has a wonderful location on the Costa del Sol. Also Mabella is becoming increasingly popular among golf players and there are many golf courses and golf club such as Marbella Golf Country Club, Santa Maria Golf Club etc. You can see everything from luxury to history in Marbella and you can try delicious restaurants, cafes and check out the local boutiques. I must say though my favorite part of this trip was to the Old Town which has cute narrow streets and lovely squares with Andolusian houses. There are many restaurants serving traditional food from the region from small Spanish tapas to sea food – however I was slightly disappointed by the food in this area. Perhaps should have done more research on where to eat beforehand.

We visited Estapona again for a dinner and we wanted eat dinner early so we found a table easly in a corner restaurant and got a table on the street outside. The restaurant is called Restaurante Taberna Miguel. This restaurant is a litte big restaurant on the corner than other restaurants also the restaurant has open-air section enclosed with street tables and inside. Luckly, we enjoyed with the sea food (sea bass) in this restaurant. They served whole fish (Sea bass) and sea foods, they were perfect cooked and very delicious. The restaurant staff were kind and service was pretty good, but the food price was a little expensive.

On the other hand, most of restaurants are always full for the holiday season, so make sure you arrive early to get a seat or you should make a reservation. We spend just a few days in Estapona,Marbella and Malaga. Malaga and Marbella are a great combination of new and old, You do need to know where to go and eat . Because so much of restaurants are catered to tourists and quality of many restaurants is low. Luckily, with a little research or guides, you can avoid the tourist traps and enjoy the real traditional Malaga food, which is so worthy it. I took some photos of the visit Malaga. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you very much for standing by! 🙂

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  1. I enjoyed the tour, but now my feet hurt from walking around so much… 😊 Lovely photos, thank you!

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