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Today I want to share my project with you, the project is about famous writer John Steinbeck’s book.Because we were given the project and we analysed the friendship from the novel character according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid. The hierarchy suggest that people are motivated to achieve basic needs before moving on to the other needs. I really enjoyed when prepared my project. I hope you enjoy reading it!



Psychologist Abraham Maslow created the hierarchy pyramid that shows the five basic needs common to everyone. This arrangement in the pyramid shows the basic needs in a ranking order from the lowest needs to the highest. In this pyramid is separated into two different sections where the top three levels symbolize “growth needs” and the other levels show “deficiency needs”.[1]The other levels such as; shelter need, safety need, belonging and esteem need. Marlow explained that in order for people to confront the top levels they must first meet their needs at the lower levels. The top level “growth needs” consist of “self-actualization needs”, “aesthetic needs” and “need to know and understand”, whereas the bottom level “deficiency needs” are “psychological needs”, “safety and security needs”, “love and belongingness” and “self-esteem and self-worth needs”.[2]This paper aims to belonginess the basic need of love and belongingness in the context of the novel “Of Mice and Men”.

The need of love and belonginess comes after the psychological needs and the security and survival needs in the hierarchy according to Maslow. This basic need is said to be met through good relationships such as relationships with friends or family. This is an important need because good relationships suggest acceptance by the society and others.[3]In the novel the characters don’t have a family and end up having a close relationship with each other at a difficult period in time. It is a good example to the belonginess. Because they live together and support each other.

Of Mice and Men is a classical novel, written by John Steinbeck. Title of this novel is taken from a poem called To a Mouse by Robert Burns: “The best laid schemes of mice and men / Gang aft agley.”[4]The two main characters, George and Lenny are two agricultural workers at a farm in California Valley. George and Lenny have a special relationship in which they support each other unconditionally. Also, we can think Maslow hierarchy pyramid for close friendship, this novel is a good example rely on somebody and we see about Marlow’s hierarchy even though it ends in a tragedy. 

The novel revolves around the friendship of George Milton and Lenny Small. George looks after Lenny because Lenny has a mental disability. Even though Lenny is a big and strong man his surname is in contrast to his body. George met Lenny through his aunt, and then she died, they have been close friends. George feels responsible for Lenny. George always wants to protect Lenny from some trouble because Lenny always gets in trouble and he has no control his physical power. They have a dream of buying a little farm. They are saving their money and support each other for their common dream. “Go on, George! Tell about the what we are going to have in the garden and about the rabbits in the cages and about the rain in the winter and the stove, etc.” (Steinbeck 13). This words represents an idealized life for Lenny and George.

 In that time Great Depression affected farmers and farm workers in America. Many migrants wanted to belong somewhere, wanted to get a job, earn a good salary with the hope of one day owning their own land. They do not want to be alone even though they are poor. We can understand that all the workers share the same purpose and we see clearly good expectation from this story. (Britannica encyclopedia, economy)

The theme of loyalty and friendship is present all throughout the novel even though it has a tragic end.  George never left Lenny alone after his aunt died and Lenny always makes Georges whatever wants, such as;Their mutual understanding became deeper for their dream and they never stopped to follow their dream. We feel that, George has common sense, he will be one of the loneliest men in the world without Lenny and Lenny has the mind of a child and he is thankful to have George to go to along with him for owning their land, cows, rabbits and pigs. Although at times Lenny didn’t understand what George was talking about and didn’t understand the complexity of situations from time to time, he always trusted George. Their friendship has almost become more like family possibly because they don’t have one of their own. They have a lovely dream and they want to follow them. The farm owner’s son Curley has a cute wife however the wife is accidentally killed by Lenny (It was interesting why writer never mentioned the name of his wife), their dream appears to be destroyed. Every time trouble come because of Lennie had gone too far this time. According to George, there was only one true solution the problem. “Course you did. Well, look Lennie…if you just happen to get in trouble like you always done before, I want you jus’ happen to get in trouble like you always done before, I want you to come right here an ‘hide in the brush.” (Steinbeck14) George has to make the difficult decision to shoot Lenny because George does not want Lenny to have a painful death at the hands of Curley.  It was a possibility that Curley would hang Lenny or Lenny would be lynched by a mob. Therefore, George thinks by shooting him he is preventing Lenny from suffering. 

On the other hand, it can be seen at that time that George lost his maturity and we see his self-centered side, because we see that “ George shook himself. He said woodenly, If I was alone I could live so easy. His voice was monotonous, had no emphasis. I could get a job and have no mess.” (Steinbeck,102 ) Another argument could be that George wanted to rid himself of a big burden because he can’t bear the stress anymore that. It can be said,George felt pity and sorrow but felt relieved when Lenny died. But interestingly, George didn’t feel regret to shoot Lenny. Throughout the book we can see that George often abuses Lenny orally and so it can be said that he would enjoy life only he was free of Lenny. Truly, George is faced dilemma because they have good relationship but on the other hand George complains about Lenny. He may be thinking that Lenny is a burden because Lenny always gets in trouble because Lenny is obsessive about soft furry something such as; mouse, rabbit etc. but he does not control his power when he strokes the furry animal. On the other side, George has to take care of him all the time. We understand in the book that. In actual fact, they need each other because Lenny needs an intelligent, George needs a body power for work in the farm. But even thought that circumstance, at times, George is seen to be fed up with his companion.

There can be another option to the story ends. There is no indication for helping Lenny. If I were the writer, I would change the ending. Because, we understand Lenny had no real intention on killing Curley’s wife, of course Lenny is not innocent for this case, but he needs a chance for living and pays the penalty for killing Curley’s wife. Also he needs second chance for his dreams come true. If we look trust side in this story, Lenny always trusts George but George betrayed his trust because George has some reasons. Lenny has a hiding place and he thinks that, he is in security place because George recommended it. In that time Lenny know that , he made the worst thing. After Lenny killed Curley’s wife, he repeats that,” I done a bad thing”, “when he is sitting in the brush”. At that time Lenny is aware that he has made a wrong decision. George should advice Lenny to run away because he no longer will protect Lenny. If the story ending is not tragic, George would not have the pressure of conscience. But Steinbeck uses basic technique for this story that is pathetic endings. 

In conclusion, in this story, Steinbeck tells us how important it is to have a friend to share your life with somebody and you can have the same life view, such as; belonging somewhere, dreaming the same thin. Therefore the writer focuses on loneliness living and friendship in a farm. Regardless of the novel’s ending, everybody agrees that, the two characters were good examples to a strong, unbreakable friendship in the years of the Great Depression as their friendship stood in the middle of economic poverty, cruelty and mental weakness. Of Mice and Man provides an example how true friendships can withstand anything but on the other side it shows that friendships can be difficult even if there is mutual love and support. Thinking about Maslow’s theory of belongingness and love this novel is the perfect example of a great relationship.

In addition, in of mice and men novel, George and Lenny good example to Maslow’s theory of belonginess and love. Because we learn in the novel that, they bear life difficulties with together also they support each other in daily life, they share the same dream on the other word they look the world from the same window and they feel like a family. Such as;”O.K. Someday-we are gonna get the jack together and we are gonna have a little house and some pigs and”-(Steinbeck, 16)

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I wish all my readers and supporters Happy and Success Year in 2019. I say thank you to all my followers and readers. All the best wishes for you!






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Potato Borek-by mommy cook for me


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Today, I want to share my recipe which is delicious Homemade Potato Borek. This borek is simple and easy therefore it does not take long time. Also, You can make it with the remaining boiled potato.

I used Turkish Phyllo Pastry which is made traditional way and you can keep it in your refrigerator about two or three weeks. I hope, you like the borek, enjoy it!

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Çırağan Palace Kempinski-Istanbul-Turkey/2018

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Today I want to talk about historical hotels, because I have spent a couple of days in Historical Çırağan Palace Kempinski Hotel and I want to share my experiences with you.

The gorgeous historic Ciragan Place hotel like a pearl along the Bosporous in Istanbul-Turkey. If people visit the hotel they eventually fall in love it because the hotel was placed on the European coast of the Bosphorus, between Ortakoy and Besiktas neighbourhoods in Istanbul-Turkey, therefore it has a spectacular lovely seascape. As you know, many legendary tales lie hidden behind the doors of history and Çirağan Palace is really one of those great living legends. Hence I want to share its historic story with you. If you have a curiosity to learn about the historical story about a building as me, you can enjoy it.

-Did you know Çerağan meaning ‘light spreading’ in Persian?

Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha of Nevsehir wants to make a Mansion for his beloved wife Fatma Sultan. Therefore, the first waterside mansion was constructed in Kazancioglu area,in 1719. Fatma Sultan always organised Torclit celebrations and festivals in it’s tulip garden, and gardens decorated with kind of torches in the evening. Therefore it was called Ciragan Place by Ottoman people, because Çirağan meaning is a spread light and the name derived from the Persian word.

About a century later, Sultan 2.Mahmut ordered to have The Çırağan mansion demolished and rebuild a new Place. His architecture made it entirely out of stone and the 40 columns gave it a classical look. The construction took about 12 years. In 1791 the Palace was sold to 3. Selim’s Sister Beyhan Sultan but one day 3.Selim visited his sister and during his visit, he was enamoured with the Çirağan Palace and Sultan purchased it from his sister for himself. Sultan began spending most of time at the Place and he written magnificent  poetry, also he created some gorgeous poetries in this Palace. After Sultan 3.Selim, Çirağan Palace went back to being ‘the Favourite mansion’ of Sultans.

In 1834 Sultan 2. Mahmut decided to rebuild the Place and he demolished the Place together with School and Mosque. it’s construction took about eight year, New Çrağan Palace was magnificent with the classical appearance.

After the years, in 1863Sultan Abdulaziz whose carried out his brother wishes, and he ordered Agop Balyan to  build a Place, He used North African architectural techniques for the new Place and a new stone foundation was built in its place. Also gorgeous priceless doors of the Palace were each made by Vortik Kemhaciyan and worthy 1000 gold coins. In for years, German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm visited Çırağan Palace and he admired the palace doors therefore 2.Sultan Abdulhamit had gave one of the door as a present to his close friend Kaiser Wilhelm, he sent that door on display at the Berlin Museum. Çırağan Palace was completed in 1871 and 2.5 million gold coins were spent. But unfortunately, a rumour spread among the public. Due to rumour,  if the Palace take the House of Mevlevi for the incorporation of its land into the Place estate, it would bring bad luck. Therefore Sultan Abdulaziz moved to Dolmabahce Palace and he lived in there.

In 1909, the Çiragan Palace was used by the government as Turkish Parlement Building, the building decorated valuable paintings from the art collection of Sultan 2.Abdulhamid, the art works had made by Ayvazovsky and Rembrant . Unfortunately, in 1910 a cruel fire  which is known to have started in the attic heating system and destroyed the place within 5 hours, including excellence antiques, 2. Abdulhamid of the art collections and books from the library of Murad the 5.

In addition, An army captain damaged the grave site of the dervishes in the basement of the Palace while digging for gold after the  years of the fire. At the and of the first world war, during the occupation of Istanbul, The ruined Çiragan Palace was used as ‘Bizo Barrack’ by the French military for the corps engineers. Another saddened event that, Besiktas Futbol Club had cut some trees in the Palace garden for using as stadium in 1930. After the short time, Prof. Bonatz and Architect Prof. Sedat Hakki Elder had investigated about building a hotel in this area.

In 1985 the Sanbar Group signed a letter of understanding with the Government to renovate the Çırağan Palace and transform from the Palace to a 5 star hotel. The construction started in 1987 and after the Kempinski Group was awarded the contract for the hotel management and operations. Çırağan Palace Kempinski opens its door to public in 1990. Since then Çırağan Palace Kempinski has been hosting to  the different country people.

In conclusion, Amazing location and historic story of the hotel, satisfy staff, hotel’s waiters are very friendly and attentive, tidy comfortably rooms and delicious foods. The service in the hotel is  good level one would expect at a Kempinski. If you have no complain classical fashioned and you love historic style place, it can be enjoyable for a short break in Istanbul. There is endless views of the city, you can see that, east meets west from the Palace balcony. The hotel has an lovely pool on Boshporus, garden which is spectacular place to hang out with friends or family, for a cup of coffee, tea.Finally there is a fine dining restaurants and bars, Restaurants has good  gastronomic experiences.


Çırağan Palace-2018


Çırağan Palace-Istanbul-2018


Çırağan Palace-Istanbul-Turkey-2018


Çırağan Palace-Istanbul-Turkey-2018



Address: Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul / Çırağan Caddesi 32/ 34349 Istanbul-Turkey.



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Today I want to share easy home made Turkish Baklava from baklava’s homeland Turkey, there are many variations of making, some baklava sweeter but some perfumed with cinnamon, rose etc, Baklava filling is different from city to city in Turkey.For instance, walnut filling, pistachio filling etc, and even baklava slices  make different shape such as, diamond shape, triangle shape, rectangle,square shape. Also different countries make baklava, Greek, Lebanon, Iran, Hungary, Bosnia etc, and every country has a different savour.

This Baklava recipe is really take short time and excellent traditional taste. It makes everyone think you are a master chef but it is so easy and delicious dessert. Also if you like traditional Turkish taste you should try it, this recipe is worthy it.

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In summer days, there are easy and simple ways to make some vegetables great taste without going to much effort. My homemade Aubergine salad (Eggplant salad) with cream cheese is perfect example of how to turn a boring vegetable into flavoured food. Also you can eat it like a dip or you can eat it like a side dish with meat or fish, chicken. if you want to add your favourite fresh herbs , you should chose any fresh herbs because any fresh herb goes well! For instance, dill, oregano, basil, coriander, fresh green onion, all possibilities work great and  give the salad a try share the recipe with your family and your friends. Enjoy it!



150gr cream cheese.

2 cloves garlic, crushed

Salt and black pepper to taste

3 medium aubergines (eggplants), grilled and the skin removed, chopped in small size or you can use a food processor for chopping.( Also, you can use Canned aubergine(eggplant), if you use canned aubergine you must strain it.)

1 tbsp olive oil.

1 tsp lemon juice.

A tbsp chopped fresh dill and a tbsp fresh chopped mint.


1-Put the cream cheese in a large bowl and add the crushed garlic, the olive oil and whip them until combine well.

2-Add the chopped aubergine(eggplant) into the cheese and compound them  well, then sprinkle sea salt, grounded black pepper and red pepper to taste.

3- Transfer the salad to a serve bowl.

4- Sprinkle chopped dill and mint onto the salad then serve it.

Enjoy it!



IMG_20180628_172432 2

Transferred to a serve bowl.