Serves 8 to 12

Level: medium

Preparing time: 1 hour

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share Traditional homemade Couscous with you because recently my Sister- in- law has sent me homemade Couscous, and Her mother had made it for me, therefore I cooked it and tested it for you it was extremely delicious. I want to say both of  them, so much thanks for making Turkish traditional homemade Couscous.

I know, making your own couscous gives you a difficult, but home made Turkish couscous super taste and it is very cheerfully process because of a sense of wonder at the magic of it all. I remembered when my mom was making our own couscous, how much fun it was and how astonishing the results and making couscous is an expression of love, generosity and hospitality. The process feels celebratory and communal. I want to share couscous making with you, I like to think that there are chefs across the country who are ‘rolling their own couscous ingredients’ –couscous, that is.

There are so many different couscous recipes, which vary from one country to another, but I would like to introduce traditional home made Turkish couscous which is making in Sivas region in Turkey. Sivas has a special place for Turkish Cuisine, with fresh foods unique to the City itself as well as to its districts and villages . In my country , Traditional Turkish couscous is made with hard wheat (Its called Bulgur). Turkish couscous hand-rolled tiny pasta pearls are about 2 mm in diameter and they are made out of a mixture of whole wheat(Bulgur) and eggs, all purpose flour, rolled around a center of bulgur which gives it a elegant that is slight yellow color and unique, special and delicious.

Eating Home-made Turkish Couscous with those tiny balls rolling wonderfully on your tongue, really lift up the eating experience, even a simple serve. It is also very easy to cook, Turkish Couscous unlike the other couscous which can turn mushy if soaked for too long or in too much liquid, Traditional Turkish Couscous can be boiled in salted water, like pasta, until tender.

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Total time : 1 hour

Level : Easy

Serve : 5

This pasta with delicious tomato sauce  is easy , quick , fragrant , fresh and the tastiest .

Tomatoes contain several different antioxidants depending on the variety . Tomato includes vitamin A , vitamin C ,  and it contains  lycopene . It is also a good source of vitamin E .

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Total time : 40-50 minutes

Level : Easy

Serve : 6

Yogurt soup is my favourite type of soup. It really is so delicious and is perfect for the winter season when it is freezing outside!  Hope you enjoy!

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Total time : 1 and half hour

Level : Medium

Serve : 6

Hello everyone! As the weather is getting colder, I decided to make this tasty cabbage recipe.  Cabbage may not be the friendliest of vegetables but this recipe is truly delicious.  It it will make u feel warm inside in these cold winter days! Cabbage is also very healthy and  is rich antioxidants , vitamin C  , rich other  essential vitamins which is another reason why this recipe is great! hope you enjoy!

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Cook time : 20

Level : Easy

Serve : 30 more

This apple cupcake that smells perfect and it is  very delicious , specially for the fall season .

Apples are  low   in calories . Apple fruit  contains good quantities of vitamin C , beta carotene . Apples are  extremely  rich in important  antioxidants . It also contains B- complex vitamins and these  vitamins are key in maintaining red blood cels and the nervous system  in good healthy .  “An apple a day keeps the doctor way ” is an old Welsh proverb  and  these days a wealthy  of research suggests that eating apples may impact your health in a number of  heathy beneficial ways .

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Hello everyone, today I wanted share a delicious dessert recipe. This yummy dessert will be the best friend to your coffee or tea! It is the perfect dessert for chocolate lovers. Hope you enjoy!

Prepare time : 1 hour

Level : Easy

Serve : 12

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