Hello everyone!

Today I want to share easy home made Turkish Baklava from baklava’s homeland Turkey, there are many variations of making, some baklava sweeter but some perfumed with cinnamon, rose etc, Baklava filling is different from city to city in Turkey.For instance, walnut filling, pistachio filling etc, and even baklava slices  make different shape such as, diamond shape, triangle shape, rectangle,square shape. Also different countries make baklava, Greek, Lebanon, Iran, Hungary, Bosnia etc, and every country has a different savour.

This Baklava recipe is really take short time and excellent traditional taste. It makes everyone think you are a master chef but it is so easy and delicious dessert. Also if you like traditional Turkish taste you should try it, this recipe is worthy it.

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Bake time= 40-50 minutes

Level= Easy


Hi Everyone!

To celebrate my First year post last week, I baked Chocolate Chip Cake . I want to share its recipe with you.The chocolate chip cake is super moist, tasty,easy. This cake is most rich chocolate, most moist.The Chocolate Chip Cake is absolutely heavenly with or without frosting.Enjoy it.

Dark chocolate contains a large number of antioxidants and it contains amount of soluble fiber and is loaded with minerals. Also it is good for your heart and cardiovascular system running well.

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