Hello everyone! Recently, I have read Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike play, also I watched the play on the internet. Why I have prefered this play, because I love comedy and it has an interesting title, the play is about a family relations. It was written by Christopher Durang. The play was the best play in 2013 therefore, it won the Tony Award.  The play was humourously comedy and it was perfectly reflecting of the family inner-world and annoying encounter of middle age.

Also, there was allagory in the play. The film was wanderful and it has an emotional side, it reflected family life and we understood that from this film, there is no family is perfect, every family has some secret and weekeness. But still, family come to first. The play’s plot that there are three sibling and their names are Vanya, Sonia and Masha. Sonya and Vanya look after their agening parent but their parent passed away. Older sister Masha has great life because she was a film star and she was a celebrate person. She wants to visit her sister and brother therefore she came to family home with a younger man.  

At the end of the play, three siblings faced their fears and they spoke and listened each other first time after the years. They were aware of that they could find the love also, they have been missing each other.

In conclusion, this endearing play consistently amuses with an intelligence and Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike may sound like one of the referenced plays by Antony Chekhov than a topically modern time comedy. I loved this play because Vanya, Sonnia, Masha and Spike are pretty good funny treat from start to finish. They have lovely costumes and lighting is good. If you like comedy, you watch it.



         If you want to watch a classical film, you can choose ” Doubt film”. The film was marvellous. The film has a parable, I chosed this play because, it’s writer is John Patrick Shanley, he is an American screenwriter, playwriter and I watched a documantary about John Shanley, last week on the internet. It was enteresting biography, he was a writer and  he directed the film. P. Shanley was born in New York and he was  an Irish immigrant child, he studied at the New York university and then he dropped out of school. He worked as bartender and house painter.  However he came back school and he graduated as valedictorian. He wrote many plays and poet. He became succses after some screewriting and he continued writing plays. I have read The Doubt play and I watched ‘The Doubt’ film, it was amazing and full of suprisingly. The film won Pulitzer Prize.

 Doubt film’s plot shortly that one of the main characters was working in a Catholic Church school and  his name was Father Flynn (Philip S. Hoffman ). He looked after an African-American boy which was a student in the school. But Flynn was misunderstood by the Catholic School Principle Alaysious (Merly Streep) and young sister James (Amy Adams). They thought that Flynn and the boy might have had a homosexual relationship between them. Flynn was suspected with paedophilia, but there was no evidence. Flynn has denied it. But Flynn was gone. After his gone, the sister James and the principle looked back, they expressed regret over the case what had done. Therefore, the principle said that I have some doubts about Flynn. 

The film characters are wonderful and the light, costumes are perfect. If you like drama, Doubt film is worty of praise because, the film was amazinly wonderful. The film has some allegory, faith, irony and also we are seeing that the play theme is simple and doubt, friendship, confident ranging from religion to science. Conflict is between Catholict Church, Principle and Father Flynn. Also, we see that there is a tension between Father Flynn and Principle from the beginning to the end. Emotional pondering of the film never sperate from emotional contex but it asks audiences to think and makes a judgement.

In conclision, the film main idea that every body has some doubt and weekness even though they could be a religious person. In additon Merly Streep and Hoffman performance are georgeous as usual. I am impressed the play’s ends because Alaysious (Merly Strep) regretted for her doubt therefore, she was sorrow and she keept her teardrop but she shed tears inside. The play’s ended with very emotional stage. Costumes are excellent and reftected the play’s time atmosphere.

Have a nice watching and Thank you very much for stopping by! 🙂










  1. I love DOUBT I’ve seen it several times. I watch anything with Meryl Streep. Everyone gave amazing performances in this movie. Great review, lovely 🙂


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